Meet the Charmers

CharmLab is an award winning, inbound marketing, social media, website and brand consultation agency. Our focus is to empower our clients to use technology to save money, time and gain greater market share for their business.

Join us in the Lab to talk about your brand, how to talk to your fans, and how to drive business results and brand loyalty through inbound marketing and social media.

Get Charmed


We often are asked where the name CharmLab came from…it combines the two sides to digital marketing, the technical and the human, social side.

We have a split personality. On one side we’re charming – the other geeky. We tackle projects using our charisma and brains in perfect tandem to deliver solutions to your marketing problems.

Our charming social side looks at your market and your business to develop brand strategies to engage your customers and grow social media channels. Persona research, keyword ranking and targeted messaging implemented with engaging, relevant content and designs will charm your audience and attract the customers that best fit your market.

Once we have your strategy, messaging and designs figured out, we send your project to the Lab. Here, we use cutting edge technologies and marketing automation to deliver your message to your customers—a responsive website design, social media tools, or even synthetic paper, we choose the right tools to convey your charms.

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