Ross Norwood


Anyone who has followed us for any length of time knows that there is very little sanity to be had in this rescue gig. BUT! What little sanity we have been left with has been saved by the wonderful, rescue-loving folks at CHARMLAB!!!! With zero notice, they were able to take over our website and fix programming issues. When it was discovered that the coding on our application could not be salvaged, they turned around a new and awesome application in just hours! I’m so impressed with this team and their willingness to help us out so quickly. They were able to translate my info into a great application that has everything we need in it, and they went above and beyond to address things we hadn’t thought of ourselves. They’ve tweaked several other things to make the site even better and easier to use. If you need a website, marketing consult, or anything of the like, I highly recommend this great company! Thank you CharmLab!

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