CharmLab’s Top 10

1) Responsive Websites – People are viewing websites on a number of different devices, desktops with big monitors, laptops, tablets and phones. If someone can’t see anything or read anything on your website because it doesn’t respond to their device, you may lose that customer. Every website that CharmLab builds now is responsive. As you can see, it responds to the size of the device and adjusts the content and pictures to fit those screens. Rather than people seeing a really tiny version of your website, people see a different arrangement of your content, which brings us to:

2) Content Management Systems / Software Automation and Integrations – CharmLab builds websites using one of two open-source content management systems, WordPress or Drupal. CMS’s allow designated users to be able to change the content of different areas on the website with a user friendly interface. This allows people without a lot of technical ability to take control of their website. If you can log into Facebook and use Word, you can easily change out the text and pictures to make your website dynamic.

3) E-commerce websites – Shopify, Squarespace, Stripe, Linktree, TikTok, Instagram Carts… OH MY!!
It used to be that e-commerce was restricted to big business but now ecommerce websites are within the budgets of many small businesses. Coupled with CMS, it allows shop owners to manage their products online. There are tons of different options that can be configured. For example, you can Calculate Shipping by virtually packing boxes, suggest similar items like Amazon does or suggest add-on products at checkout, and process secure payments through your preferred CC provider.

4) B to B / B to C Branding and Marketing Strategy – CharmLab works with both new and established companies to tell the story of their brand. We help our clients decide the best way to market their business and spend their marketing budget. There are many different ways to market your company; print ads, social media, TV/Radio, email, Google, the list is never ending. CharmLab helps our clients understand the different choices and helps them choose the strategy that is best for them

5) Social Media – We help our clients decide which social media sites are best for them, then set up and design their company pages. Then we can connect a website and social media accounts for better SEO and website traffic.

6) Online Advertising – There are many different ways to advertise online and if you don’t choose the right venue or keywords, you could be spending a lot of money without seeing results. We have a designated Google Ad words Agency representative that works with us to set up effective targeted campaigns and maximize your budget

7) Email Communication – We help our clients communicate directly with their customers through email delivery providers like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp. We create graphics, copy and links to tell customers about sales or events.

8) Logos and Branding– CharmLab creates logos for both new companies and established companies looking to refresh their brand.

9) Print Design – Direct Mail Fulfillment – We can create brochures, posters, signage, business cards, and ads for publication. I have been recognized with many awards through out my career for my design work and also taught a college class for publication design. If you want your ads to be noticed, you want CharmLab designing them so yours stands out from the crowd.

10) Non-profits – CharmLab works with non-profits and community organizations to help spread awareness and increase donations. Currently I serve on the Board of Kimball Jenkins School of Art and the North Country Studio Workshops.


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