Q: How much does Inbound Marketing cost?

Allocate 5-10% of your projected net income, more if you are launching a new business. We have seen more than a few new businesses spend millions on construction but zero allocation for year one marketing funds.

Social media traffic can make or break a new business. Even a successful, established business can look like they are going out of business without an authentic online conversation with fans across different social media platforms.

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- Software Integrations
- Social Platform recommendations
- Campaign Strategy
- Branded Content and Distribution
- Inbound Marketing, Sales Funnels 

If you aren’t sure how to start, please book a 15 minute hello discovery session to share your business goals, and social media channels. We can talk about an implementation budget and SEM solutions over Zoom or the phone—we work remotely with clients world-wide to help you connect with your true fans. Inbound marketing earns the customer’s attention through building trust, in the sharing of information—our job is to make your brand easy to find when a search is performed for your product or service offering.

There is no wrong way to “do social media.” But we tell our clients, the only wrong way is to not participate in social media. Your customers are there, waiting to spend time with you their favorite brand friends. Turn a stranger into a friend, and with a great customer journey, a loyal fan for life.

Marketing software subscriptions required. Cost based on list size.
Software subscription not included in retainer.

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