Facebook switches it up again starting September 30th
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If you have been on your Facebook page recently – you know that Facebook developers are at it again with new changes that will affect your marketing plans.

As of September 30th, external blogs will not be able to auto-feed to Notes, this will no longer function. We have found a workaround so call us if you need that updated.

Also – sadly "Update to Friends of _________" function is going away. Now you can not send a blast to all friends of the page with the click of a button –

This feature is phasing out because the Updates are proving ineffective and are rarely seen by fans – these messages go to the ‘Other’ Facebook messages folder which is rarely opened.

Facebook Messages - OTHER


Facebook wants to encourage us to use Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories to stay in touch with fans.

A few years from now- we'll be saying, "Remember when Facebook profiles had walls?" That was the olden days!

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