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My Top 10 Reasons Why HubSpot’s #INBOUND16 will be the BOMB!

The Charmers at CharmLab are really excited as we just reserved our passes for this year’s #INBOUND16, a MASSIVE 15K attendee Inbound Marketing conference happening this November down in Boston, MA at the Convention Center. It’s a high-tech, fast-paced week of jogging the halls to attend coveted sessions with Inbound Marketing masters, like Mike Lieberman of Square 2 Marketing, and Marcus Sheridan @TheSalesLion.

We love attending this HubSpot conference so much, we wrote this blog post about the TOP TEN Reasons to Attend #INBOUND16.

1. You get to go back to College for a few days: The best way I can describe
INBOUND is, it’s a week long college for agency owners and other marketing professionals where you have direct access to experts that are featuring new tools, and giving instruction and advice on how to provide the highest level of Inbound Marketing services and strategies to clients.
2. Hang out with an international crowd: You can hear layers and layers of different languages in the air, every time you traverse the escalator or wait in line at a book signing. HubSpot has more than 15,000 clients in over 90 countries, which makes INBOUND snap and crackle with energy and fresh perspectives.
3. Where does a boss go to get help and advice?  It can be lonely at the top but not at this conference! There is a Learning Track for Agencies, with sessions on how to work ON your business, not just in it, and how to implement changes to grow successfully. You can ask questions, speakers usually
share the slide decks afterwards and each time I attend I learn new concepts incredibly empowering to me as an agency owner.
4. New state-of-the-art concepts are introduced: CharmLab is part of the agency training group for
 expertly run by
Luke Summerfield. I never get tired of listening to Luke, he’s energetic and progressive in his approach to client management and a great presenter.
5. Tons of parties, delicious free food, special events. Did I mention the amazing FOOD? All day long—water, gourmet coffee, tea and free lunch from 20+ food trucks. My favorite lunch was Tofu with Red Curry and Vegetables, Rice, Bean Sprouts. Snacks at the cocktail hours, soda beer and wine. There are Inbound Sponsor hosted Seaport parties all around the city to crawl but they fill up fast so you can’t dilly dally and show up fashionably late, it will be over!
Selfies with the Stars: You get to meet these awesome guys,
HubSpot founders Brian Halligan, CEO and
Dharmesh Shah, CTO. HubSpot is an Inbound Marketing automation software company based one hour South of CharmLab in Good Ol’ Boston, MA (Cambridge really, but whatever). Brian and Dharmesh came out of MIT in 2006 to launch HubSpot and kept it real by building their HQ right here on the East Coast and didn’t lame out and take off for Silicon Valley. They are nice guys, I was in the right place as the right time and Brian and Darmesh humored me with selfies last year at a cocktail party.

7. Even the Pets are high tech at INBOUND: In the middle of thousands of people yell-talking and networking, Brian Halligan’s doggie, aptly named Romeo, is sporting his own Go-Pro Pet Cam to record the action. Naturally, Romeo is completely unphased by the marketing mélé all around him.

8. Inbound Happy Hours: At the end of the loonnnng day sessions there is a huge cocktail party for all attendees the size of a small village complete with a 360 two-story DJ Tower—loved the DJ last year. DJ Fast Girl kicked it! Snacks and free wine and beer at the end of these intense days of training is wonderfully welcome because your brain is melting and you need a respite! The Inbound cocktail hour is a nice time to socialize and network, find people, and make dinner plans ( if you can find open tables). I hope this year they will add additional charging towers, it was a battle to keep my cell phone juiced up at times.

9. Incredible Celebrity Keynotes: The Keynotes can not be beat at INBOUND! Last year we saw Seth Godin, Martha Stewart, Aziz Ansari, Amu Schumer, Chelsea Clinton and others. I am especially excited this year to learn
Alec Baldwin is going to give a keynote!
10. YOU CAN SEE OLD FRIENDS THAT LIVE FAR AWAY: I have known Kathleen Booth since grade school. Today she owns
Quintain Marketing, and last year her agency team won
2015 Best Client Campaign in the HubSpot Impact Awards. She also presented last year at the INBOUND conference and it’s exciting to see her killin’ it.
I hope the Charmers at CharmLab will see you at #INBOUND16!
Shelley, Head Charmer of CharmLab
Find me at #INBOUND16
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