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Lotus Floral Designs

When Mary Trombley and her sister, Nancy approached us, Lotus was just a dream. They had a love of flowers and an eye for design but needed help defining their brand and developing a marketing plan.

CharmLab worked with Lotus Floral Designs from their creation. Initially, we brainstormed with Mary to develop a name and brand for her business. Then CharmLab created a logo system, business cards, online ads, a website, social media pages, and collaborated on marketing strategies and promotions. We continue to work with Lotus on further website upgrades, social media content management and future promotions.

Since its inception, Lotus has seen exponential growth in their business, including Shelley and Ken as one of their first customers. Lotus continues to amaze its customers with beautiful organic designs and CharmLab continues to amaze them with our ideas and work.

“My new website is so awesome, Lotus was contacted by New Hampshire’s premier wedding planner who approached us for future business propositions. I am always blown away by Shelley’s promotional and marketing ideas. ” – Mary Trombley, Lotus Floral Designs

Lotus Floral Designs
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