The Inventioneers on the Shark Tank this week 2/15 9pm ABC
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SMARTwheel to appear on SHARK TANK
SMARTwheel The Inventioneers


What a blast it's been helping and brainstorming with our new inventor clients, The Inventioneers, the brains behind SMARTwheelusa.com. They are thoughtful and very efficient in their approach. Launching a national product site was unknown territory for them, but what excellent collaborators they were. . . making it a pleasure to do business with these young entrepreneurs!


The Inventioneers test drive SMARTwheel at MIT        The Inventioneers speak to President Obama - he loves the SMARTwheel!

Our clients The Inventioneers will appear on ABC this Friday 2/15 at 9pm EST on Shark Tank to present their award-winning invention SMARTwheel. We are furiously at work launching a SMARTwheel product website that we anticipate will get over 100,000+ sites hits furing the TV show broadcast. Utilizing a CDN, or Content Delivery Network, we can optimize the site for high volume usage.

Learn more about this product on www.smart-wheel.com – launching this week.

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SMARTwheel is the brainchild of The Inventioneers, six young inventors from Londonderry, New Hampshire. The CharmLab got a call from these teen inventors as soon as they were booked. Excited and nervous to be scheduled on Shark Tank, they met with us quickly to begin a plan of attack for their online brand and media strategy.

The Charmers kicked it into high gear to connect their SMARTwheel digital brand end to end online —now ready for the spotlight. We quickly implemented a new branded website, social media plan, logo refresh, and product photo shoot.

Another value we provided to SMARTwheel was experience dealing with national press and media restrictions and contracts, helping these two families manage their nerves by advising the on the best way to move forward with a live broadcast looming on the horizon, and other television interviews and interested parties in the mix. We helped them make hundreds of decisions in a few days.

With many challenges to overcome, and the greatest was time. No delaying a primetime network TV show, our deadline was less than a week, ready or not.

The second biggest challenge was the traffic spike that we anticipated during the show. With only anecdotal evidence of the traffic the website might get, CharmLab prepared for upwards of 100,000 hits an hour. We set them up on their own dedicated virtual server with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) backup.

The third hurdle, we had to overcome was budget. Hosting and a investor-ready branded website for national media traffic wasn’t exactly in the budget, and the talented young entrepreneurs were feeling the pinch. So, The Charmers arranged for the law firm of Devine Millimet to sponsor their web hosting and offer free legal services for SMARTwheel.

We also worked with our photographer of choice, Kathy Pothier Photography, to set up a product photoshoot during the second snowstorm of the week. She did an amazing job taking their prototype and building it into the car images.

After a whirlwind week, CharmLab is excited for the airing of the show and for the future of SMARTwheel and The Inventioneers. Don’t forget to watch the Inventioneers and SMARTwheel on Shark Tank, Friday,

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