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While I wait for my husband to finish packing for the HubSpot #INBOUND15 Conference happening again in good ol’ Boston, (the company’s US headquarters), I want to share with you a free design tool that I love and use all the time at CharmLab to get the job done when I am planning a design layout for a website, sales sheet, LinkedIn Company page banner, or a piece of print collateral, the meatier lorem ipsum generator, Bacon Ipsum.

Image: Courtesy of Pete Nelson

Our senior writer John said it best, words aren’t just words, they are a design element and have a shape. They need to fit the space and have the right meaning (John would say this much better than me, but he IS the writer). Words have to fit the project, the branding, the gutter around the edge of a print piece so it they don’t get cropped off.

Many times, the client will have a difficult time visualizing the piece that you have thought out to the finest detail in your inner design studio, so the best way to get buy-in, and final copy from the client is to show them how much space is available for messaging and Calls To Action by using placeholder copy.

Don’t expect a CFO to know what Pantone Colors are, or how much space a paragraph needs, that’s your job to help them see how the elements of a design can best work together.

According to Pete’s website baconipsum.com:

“What is Bacon Ipsum?”

“Simply put, it’s a take on the lorem ipsum filler text used when doing design mockups.  I was mocking up a web design one day and needed a few words to fill out a link.  “Lorem ipsum bacon” popped into my head, so I plugged that into my HTML.  Later that day, it hit me.  Make a lorem ipsum generator but use types and cuts of meat.”

This is ridiculously easy to use peeps!

This screen shot below is of the interface on baconipsum.com that you use to generate copy, check it out.


Here is a sample of the meaty filler copy you can use for you next project:

“Bacon ipsum dolor amet pancetta chuck filet mignon fatback, pork belly flank leberkas drumstick shankle hamburger ham cupim porchetta. Cow brisket shank chicken, ball tip beef ribs drumstick meatloaf hamburger alcatra doner. Turducken fatback short loin, tongue jerky picanha beef biltong venison pork belly landjaeger drumstick. Pastrami cupim bacon rump alcatra boudin tri-tip shoulder tenderloin kielbasa flank capicola tail doner. Andouille tongue tenderloin ribeye, flank shankle salami turducken. Strip steak tri-tip pork belly boudin kevin corned beef pork kielbasa shoulder porchetta turkey tail cow.”

Best of all you can get your meat all different ways:

What more can you ask for in placeholder copy? Bacon Ipsum has kept me entertained during many a long and dry project review. How many times can you chuckle at the word turducken? I’m still counting, turducken… LOL




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