CharmLab designs Love Your Neighbor Signs for a Peace Rally—See them in the NY Times!

There was a peace rally in Portsmouth, NH recently to protest Trump and his anti-Muslim comments when he was in town. Some folks from Concord NH traveled over to Portsmouth to show him how they felt. Watch it on WMUR.

Protesters demonstrated out front of the Sheraton Hotel in Portsmouth, N.H., where Donald Trump spoke to the New England Police Benevolent Association, on Thursday night.

Also there was Ian Thomas Jansen-Lonnquist, a NY Times photographer who snapped a photograph of these Concordites for the The Week in Political Pictures.

We were glad to help and designed the signs in 2012 for a local peace protest in Concord, NH to say no to hate graffiti that was written on family homes. After the protest people placed the signs in windows around town to show they were good neighbors and part of a peaceful community.

Coincidentally my next door neighbor put a Love Your Neighbor sign in their window facing the road right before the article was published… it’s nice that my Neighbors love ME!

If you want your own Love Your Neighbor signs for your neighborhood, you can contact us to use them in your own community. #loveyourneighbor

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