The #1 reason your business should have a LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn has become the go-to social network for professionals. Whether you’re a financial advisor, lawyer, insurance agent, accountant or consultant, LinkedIn offers tools to help you grow your business. With your personal profile, you can build your online network by connecting with other professionals, clients and prospects, get endorsements and recommendations and even share your accomplishments. And if you want to kick it up a notch, you can showcase your business by creating a Company Page.

LinkedIn allows professionals to create and connect as an employee to a separate page for their company. The company page has it’s own set of tools that can be utilized by companies. Companies can display their logo and banner images, write a company overview that highlights SEO terms and specialties, create a careers page to find qualified employees, create dedicated showcase pages to highlight business segments, and connect to industry groups.

However, the number one reason for creating a LinkedIn company page is to increase the reach of your communications through online business networking. Spreading your messaging and positioning your company as a thought leader is what social media marketing is all about. You can create short status updates, longer posts and share your company’s main website blog posts and essential content through your company page to push traffic to your website. Click here to see our CharmLab company page and follow us.

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Connections on LinkedIn can follow your page feed to get all your updates without leaving their LinkedIn profile. This all adds up to generating lead prospects for your website and introducing new eyeballs into your sales funnel where they can be nurtured by your inbound marketing.

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