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Facebook Fans can Like, LOVE, and even WOW with 5 New Emojis

Facebook has been promising for over a year, and is now in the process of rolling out the new set of Facebook “Like” animated Emojis. Now you can choose to show your feelings for content with the Like, Love, Wow, Haha, Sad or Angry Icons.

If you hover over the Thumbs Up Icon, you can choose from one of the six. Not everyone has access to the new interface update, so if you can’t get the icons to pop up after trying a thousand times and driving yourself mental (like I did) then you may have to wait a little bit longer to try out this new enhancement.

Facebook’s six new reaction emojis. (Courtesy of Facebook)

But what a minute… what happened to the “Dislike” Button that Facebook users have been clamoring for? It’s not in the set, with the closest choice being “Angry.” Well folks, it’s not happenin’ so don’t hold your breath.

According to this article in Time Magazine, Why Facebook Doesn’t Have a Dislike Button, the answer is simple. Dislike is way too negative! As a social media marketer, I can tell you that Facebook advertisers have been lobbying hard to make sure that “Dislike” never sees the light of day on Facebook.

Imagine if you spent, oh say almost 5 million dollars on your Super Bowl ad, like the 2015 Nationwide ad with the deceased child in it. Last year the public reaction was horror and complete loathing of their TV Ad and in turn their brand. The last thing Nationwide wants is a big fat “DISLIKE” button to throw more gasoline on the social media fire.

Another Icon in the running was “Yay“, but it was shot down as it is not a word that is understood across the globe. I use it all the time, I “Yayed” my friend’s post about her house being sold a few hours ago, but if other countries, “Yay” or “YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY” doesn’t translate.

Now, “Like” just seems so wishy washy. It’s much more exciting when you can “LOVE” content on Facebook, which is the most used new Emoji according to Forbes Magazine in this article, Facebook No Longer Just Has A ‘Like’ Button, Thanks To Global Launch Of Emoji ‘Reactions’.

I am sure advertisers are much more excited by the “LOVE” Emoji than the former threat of a “Dislike” Emoji, as companies want loyal fans to LOVE their brand and products. One negative comment can equal hundreds and even thousands of positive comments if gains speed and goes viral.

So if you really DISLIKE your lunch, or your new phone, or a political candidate’s comments, you are only allowed to be “Angry” but you can’t give it a thumbs down. Are we being censored? You bet.

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