Starting a New Business? Top 3 Social Media Mistakes Owners make

At CharmLab, we work long-term with clients to help them grow their business volume and hone their message and content in New Hampshire where we are based, and many more across the U.S.A.

After helping so many new business owners launch their branding and online properties, we have learned a few big, yet very common mistakes that business owners make when starting their online marketing programs.

Most new businesses can figure out a business card, a logo and pricing of their services. But where the rubber meets the road, business owners don’t use FREE Social Media platforms to move the needle and attract new business. Business_man_like_dislike

Here are Three Big Social Media Mistakes that we see at CharmLab that can make your new business seem out of touch and disconnected when potential customers are searching for your products or services online.


I hear all the time, ”
But I don’t have time to blog and run my business!” If I told you that companies that have an active blog will gain 55% MORE VISITORS to their website… NOW do you have time to start talking to your potential customers? People are naturally curious to learn more, give them an education about what you do well and why they should work with your new company to build trust and gain a loyal following.
Start blogging today – subscribe to our blog to learn more about blogging and social media.


Launching a website that is not easy to use or readable on mobile phones, tablets and other portable viewers is a huge mistake. As of April 15, 2015, if your website is not easy to use on a mobile device, Google will penalize your website (drop you in page rank faster than a hot potato) and you will be WAY off page 1, which is digital death for any new business owner trying to gain new business. Consumers just don’t acknowledge a wolrd after page one, why should they when they are already looking at the best ranked sites and content on page one?

If you do not have any idea if your new website plans are mobile-friendly, we offer a free mobile-friendly website assessment to help you look your best and advise the most successful solution for you to move forward.


With U.S. adults spending 1 out of every 7 minutes of their online time on Facebook, this social media platform has become the preferred and dominant way of sharing content, second only to email (for now) . (Source: Chadwick, Martin Bailey)

Consumers will not visit your website every day but they sure as heck will check in with friends and family on Facebook multiple times a day… waiting for the kids at carpool, in line at the bank, in between meetings at work to take a mini-break.

Who else better to help you get the word out than friends and family lending their trust in your new fledgling brand by sharing your content, services and educational content out to their network from your new Facebook business page? Buying habits have changed. People are looking to do business with companies that they have a connection to. More and more often they look to social media for those connections. Instead of picking a random business out of the phone book or Google listings, they are asking their friends and family for recommendations.

Make it easy for your fans to help you get attention by sharing your blog posts on Facebook and inviting all your contacts to Like your page. It is super easy for them to share your posted content to their own news feed with one click of a button.

If you can start with these three basic consumer-friendly online goals, you will be far ahead of many new business owners that have websites that are hard to read, can’t be easily shared to new people, and don’t have much new content to generate interest.

Get the word out there to increase awareness of your company’s brand  and boost your growth and build a new and informed customer base. Good luck!



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