Why your Law Firm should have a LinkedIn Company Page

There are literally hundreds of social media websites with startups launching new sites or apps seemingly weekly. Of course, there are the a few that stand out from the crowd because of their longevity and user base – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ to name a few. While we recommend to our clients that they have a presence on many of them, depending on their vocation. In this post, I will be specifically writing about LinkedIn company pages and even more specifically, why it is essential for law firms and other professional service companies to have a LinkedIn company page.

When LinkedIn started, many people viewed it as a glorified job search site. While it is still used as a job search engine, it has evolved into a website where professionals network, share ideas and knowledge with other liked minded business people.


In 2012, over 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches were performed on LinkedIn by its users. Currently there are over 115 million LinkedIn members in the United States and almost double that in other countries, totalling over 364 million registered members. LinkedIn is used by over 1 million lawyers and is reported to be the most popular social networking site for lawyers. Executives from every Fortune 500 company are using LinkedIn. Seventy percent of corporate counsel use LinkedIn as a busines development tool.

Law Firms can benefit greatly from LinkedIn marketing. A LinkedIn company page for lawyers can be used to build relationship with potential clients and referral sources, share your blog content to show that you are thought leader in your field, and connect with other liked minded professionals and possible expert witnesses. Additionally, the lawyers at your firm can connect their individual pages to your company page. Other users can “follow” your company page to see when you share updates.

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